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"What a perfect solution. I administrate a group of 12 golfers and GOLFacross has made it all so easy! Everyone can follow the leaderboards, debate with eachother and even look at pictures from our golfrounds :-) And it is so easy! "
- Eliza Hatting

+ much, much more...
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Latest groups
 Created by Jesper Mansa    Members: 3
 Køge Golfklub

 Created by Jesper Mansa    Members: 2
 Køge Golfklub

 Created by Claus Lyster    Members: 7
 Køge Golfklub

 Ishøj Juniors 
 Created by Marc Molin    Members: 6
 Ishøj Golfklub

 Jonathan vs. Oscar 
 Created by Jonathan Melcher    Members: 2

 Created by Birgite Iserhorst    Members: 5

 Par-10 ( Falck ) 
 Created by Søren Eisenreich    Members: 27

 LPG Juniors 
 Created by Marc Molin    Members: 8

 Created by Tommy Christensen    Members: 2

 Created by Søren Madsen    Members: 12

 Jalk&Jalk / Gydesen&Veile 
 Created by Henrik l. Veile    Members: 4
 Comwell Kellers Park Golfklub

 Created by Peter Scheffman    Members: 5

 Created by Thomas Bøhm    Members: 2

 Created by Peder Knudsen    Members: 5

 Kawasaki Tour All Stars 
 Created by Michael Saabye Katkjær    Members: 7
 Køge Golfklub

 Saabye Katkjaer International Golf Club 
 Created by Michael Saabye Katkjær    Members: 8
 Køge Golfklub

 Created by Johnnie Ankjær    Members: 13

 SKS Golf 
 Created by Allan Barslund    Members: 14
 Tollundgaard Golf Klub

 G.A.L. - Golf Ad Libitum 
 Created by Thomas Vennekilde    Members: 4

 golfboys denmark 
 Created by Tonny Funch    Members: 2
 Ishøj Golfklub

 Funky Underhilly Cramer 
 Created by Claus Rasmussen    Members: 3

 Created by Allan Juhl    Members: 5
 Nordbornholms Golf Klub

 tirsdags venner 
 Created by Flemming Gottschalck    Members: 9
 Frederikssund Golfklub

 Golfteam Storebælt 
 Created by Kenneth Stoumann    Members: 10

 Created by Michael Poulsen    Members: 26
 Herning Golf Klub